POI Laboratories

The laboratories of the Peter Osypka Institute for Pacing and Ablation dispose a widespread spectrum of modern medical equipment. As part of the Medical Engineering Bachelor, the students attend their practical lectures in our laboratories on Radiofrequency ablation, Electro anatomical mapping , cardiac pacing and defibrillation.

In addition to the theory, the laboratory- trainning goes deeply, making special emphasis on the practical experience, manipulation and application of methods and devices,  learning according to the principle: “Learning by watching, touching and adjusting!”

Currently, the following themes with experimental setups for testing will be offered:

•          Recordings of 12-lead routine electrocardiogram

•          High-fidelity in long-term-memory-ECG

•          Technique and function of implantable ECG event recorders

•          Semi-invasive left-atrial and ventricular derivation

•          Signal Averaging - technique for late potential analysis

•          Phonocardiography and Sphygmography

•          Variants external pacemaker

•          Implantable rate-adaptive single chamber pacemaker

•          Physiological dual-chamber pacing on heart simulator

•          Pacemaker with automatic anti-tachycardia pacing

•          Automatic function implantable single-chamber defibrillators

•          Automatic function implantable dual chamber defibrillators

•          Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) with implants

•          Remote Data Transmission cardiac implants

•          Defibrillator-/Pacemaker-Programming on Teaching System

•          Methods for Diastolic AV delay optimization

•          Serial AV and VV delay optimization by impedance cardiography

•          In vitro electrophysiological studies simulation

•          Initiation and termination of supraventricular tachycardia

•          Control and regulation technology for high frequency catheter ablation

•          X-ray free imaging: anatomic CARTO Mapping

•          MRI / CT image integration on electroanatomical CARTO XP System Merge

•          Free X-ray ultrasound-based imaging with Real-Time Position Management System

•          Hemodynamic monitoring using AESCULON

•          Hemodynamic monitoring using Cardio Screen